Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday Travels

Three costumed kings waved down to the crowd of children from their green, gold, and purple lit balcony.  The illuminated cathedral of Santiago de Compostela stood behind, its presence regal and majestic against the dark night sky.  The two-hour parade had led the townspeople, huddled under umbrellas but dancing just the same, to Plaza Mayor, where live music and lights, candies and floats, awaited giddy children and joyful parents. 
And of course, when you think life couldn’t get any sweeter, it does, and fireworks blow up the sky—gold and pinkgreengoldbluered confetti spit in every direction, fluttering alongside the showering rain.  Cheering, laughter, and hugging in the rain.  

On The Road
My holiday adventures stretched over 15 days, beginning with a delayed flight to Dublin and a white Christmas in the countryside, a New Year’s Eve eating olives and grapes in Southern Spain, and a solo journey North—to the charming university town of Salamanca, and to Santiago de Compostela, the rainy city that holds the relic of apostle Saint James and receives over three million religious pilgrims every year.

The trip consisted of a lot of bus rides, plane rides, and two trips by train.  I enjoyed the cityscape of a grayed winter Dublin and Christmas light lit Salamanca.  I explored the Sierra Morena and the endless blanketed olive land of Andalusia, as well as the rocky beaches of the Galicia.  I enjoyed the company and the kindness of people, was privileged to be an honorary member of two loving families, as well as enjoy the company of myself, reaching a point of stillness where I could hear the world again.

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  1. Jenny I LOVE the picture of the cathedral de Santiago De Compostela at nightime. It's gorgeous. So is your description of the fireworks.