Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring pt. II !

It is the beginning of April and although my time in Baza has not come to an end, all the planning and talk of next year and the upcoming summer brings me to reflect on my time here.   I go to Madrid in less than a week to pick up my mother at the airport. !!!! It’s difficult to sit still and be calm. I am SO EXCITED!  It’s the longest we’ve been apart and it will be the first time in our lives my mother stays at my home and I can care for her, a nice little role reversal.  Our Andalusian road trip and week in Barcelona with our cousins will be a wonderful adventure indeed. 

 This summer I will live outside of Madrid to be an au pair for the Ruiz family. I met the family in Granada, under the biggest full moon I’ve ever seen, which hung right over the Alhambra.  Three-year-old Ana was holding my hand and four year old Luis was skipping in front of us. I pointed to the moon and told them, “See that? That’s the moon. And you know that I am the moon too. How lucky, tonight to have two moons!” I am so excited to spend time living with a Spanish family and laughing and taking care of the children. 

After two months in Madrid it’s home to Reno for a visit in August.  My brother’s wedding, Burning Man (the theme this year is Rites of Passage… fitting) and the beginning of my 24th year. The slow movement of time and the relaxed lifestyle has brought me so much time to think, grow, and heal.   I’m coming into myself.
The sun gives me an energy and a happiness, a coming out of the dark feeling. And it feels so good.  The journalism student, waitress, girlfriend, Reno daughter is dying and someone new is coming through.  

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