Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things Spain has figured out

The following is a list of small cultural differences I have found to make much more sense than the way I've seen it done before. 

1. Bedside light switch! Genius, no having to get back out of bed to turn off the light.
2. No obligatory tipping. Also meaning the waiters aren't at your side every minute begging to better serve you.
3. Braseros--small heaters put underneath a table, which is covered with a large tablecloth/blanket, promoting warm toes and a sense of community. In winter everyone sits around the table, wrapped in the large blanket, conversing, having tea or a sweet.
4. It is acceptable and common to date someone for 7 or 8 years without constant questioning of marriage or the need to have a ring on the finger.  Spaniards also tend to wait to have children. 
5. The cupboard above the sink is also dish rack allowing you to put away wet dishes and they drip into the sink as they dry. Genius. 
6.  Most Spanish people turn off the shower while they lather, shave, wash their hair, and turn on the hand held device when needing to rinse, thereby saving MUCH more water. Although 20 minute scalding showers are often missed, the environmental aspect outweighs my selfish preferences. 
7.  Small dinners and bigger lunches/breakfasts.  This has changed my life.

 .....more to come......


  1. Ha! This is genius, and a fantastic list. Good job, Luna.

  2. I was just going through your website and found this... Hilarious! Come on! I can't believe you don't have a bedside light switch!!!! :P